Dre’vaughn | Pittsburgh

Why Generation

“When I think of Generation, I think of the word itself: generation. A program like this, with the title, Generation, that can stretch a long way for many more generations to come. And it can help out a lot of people, it can help out parents, wives, husbands, kids, and the community itself.”

What a job means to me

“I feel like humans want a lot of things but main thing that people need is a job. I need a job to get by out here. But there’s another reason why I want a job – if I’m going to do something, I’m going to make it count. So I picked something that’s going to be beneficial for me in the long run instead of just the short term. It’s about longevity.”

Why healthcare

“If meteors hit this building right now, who they gonna call? The ambulance. Where’s the ambulance go? The hospital. They’re helping, they’re saving lives. Plus they get paid for what they do. I’ll take that. I’m going to be able to help others, just as well as I help myself. I know that’s what Generation Pittsburgh’s going to show me and teach me.”